How to Start a $360K/YearWoodworking Business

Don’t miss tools you need to open a home woodworking business

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What does it require to start a woodworking business? Today we’re taking a behind-the-scenes scenic tour of Westbrook Carpentry and also Millwork, a $360K/year woodworking business that’s become one of the most sought-after carpentry shops in Seattle.

Daniel Westbrook is a third-generation woodworking craftsman, and that long experience is the foundation of Westbrook Carpentry and also Millwork’s success. Today, he’ll talk us via the woodworking tools you require to open a residence woodworking organization, along with just how much it costs to begin, what experience is an essential, and other suggestions about woodworking for novices.

You can not generate income woodworking if you don’t have customers. We’ll hear Daniel’s advertising and marketing approaches for reaching the appropriate clients, as well as how (and why) he rebranded his firm from Westbrook Restorations to Westbrook Carpentry as well as Millwork. The kinds of woodworking tasks he took on altered, too. We’ll find out the pros and cons of servicing smaller projects contrasted to whole home remediations, and just how to begin a woodworking company that concentrates on either niche.

Woodworking is a career with a long practice, and this custom is integral to Daniel’s business worths. We’ll discover why ideas like effort, respect, as well as depend on are very important to him as a magnate, what living those values looks like in the real world, as well as how holding to those concepts has actually helped him maintain long-lasting growth.

Whether you’re wanting to woodworking suggestions, exactly how to earn money woodworking or organization approaches, we think you’ll discover a great deal from listening to Daniel’s tale!

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